Alarm Systems in Lawrenceville

Georgia Burglary & Fire LLC is Lawrenceville’s first choice for smart alarm systems installed to the highest industry standards. Not only do we work closely with you to customize security solutions that optimize your comfort and control, but we also offer 24/7 alarm monitoring services that won’t break the bank. Why settle for commercial or home security companies that provide the bare minimum? Why not get in touch to discuss installing Alert 360 solutions with an authorized dealer?

We aim to provide you with proven technology that offers complete coverage of your property, from fire detection to burglar alarms, video monitoring, door cameras, and so much more—we have you covered.

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Get the Full Coverage You Need from an Intuitive Fire-Alarm System

Protect your home or commercial property with an intuitive fire-alarm system that immediately alerts you to smoke and fire dangers. As soon as sensors detect a hint of smoke or flame, our alarms will alert you immediately.

The sooner you’re aware of the danger you’re facing, the faster you can be in touch with local emergency services for assistance. Moreover, you’ll have more precious time to move yourself and your loved ones away from immediate danger.

Would you like to explore the benefits of installing a modern fire alarm? Connect with us to explore affordable fire detection systems that ensure the most peace of mind.

Burglar Alarm Options Customized to Your Property

Do break-and-enter crimes seem to be on the rise in your area? Perhaps you’d like the comfort of knowing an added layer of protection accompanies you and your family while you are home and away from your household. Maybe you’re responsible for commercial property and would like to ensure your goods and investments stay intact while your business is closed in the evening and during off hours and holidays.

Whatever your goals, we’re here to make choosing and installing the best burglar systems easy. Schedule a risk-free consultation to learn more about a robust selection of burglary and theft prevention alarms that deter criminal activity on your premises.

Streamlined Security-System Installation

Count on our Alert 365 authorized installers for streamlined security system installations that provide you with the smart home and commercial security coverage you desire. From door and window sensors to burglar, smoke, and fire detection, to high-definition cameras that make it simple to identify who is at your door and what is happening at your property— we do it all. Reach us to talk about installing an affordable security system at your home or business property.

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Georgia Burglary & Fire LLC is Lawrenceville’s top choice when it comes to home security systems that offer full protective coverage and the most value for your hard-earned dollar. Our aim is to make it easier for more local home and business owners to install preventative measures that keep burglars and would-be vandals from setting their sights on your property.

Ensure emergency services are on their way as soon as you need them. Phone us at (404) 867-1199 to book a consultation at your convenience.